Today we are in luck. Our first project, "Music from Light", is in its first year!

Yes, on February 22, 2022, and after many years of effort and work, finally our album with the sonification of the light of the stars was a reality and we released it both in physical format on high quality cd and digital in more than 80 streaming platforms.

So, while we are already working on our second album, today we share some interesting facts about "Music from Light". We are very happy and proud of it and we love it and above all we are excited that our music has been enjoyed around the world.

We start by collecting the countries in which the CDs have been sold (physical format): Spain, Italy, India, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Colombia, Austria and the United States.

If we focus on Spotify, which gives us a lot of detailed information, we see that:

1.- During these first 12 months, we have reached peaks of 700 monthly listeners.

2.- In total, 3716 listeners have played our music 35418 times, accumulating a listening time of 70836 minutes.

Global Spotify Music from Light 1st year

3.- Our themes have been saved 4047 times.

Global Spotify Music from Light 1st year

4.- "Music from Light" has been heard in 81 countries.

Global Spotify Music from Light 1st year

Global Spotify Music from Light 1st year

5.- Worldwide, the cities where we have been heard the most are in Australia. And in Spain, the top cities are Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza.

6.- Our most played song is "Venus", with a total of 5431 reproductions. This theme has been incorporated into various playlists by third parties, and Spotify included it in one of its own playlists.

Global Spotify Music from Light 1st year

7.- All these data are only from Spotity. If we look at the global summary of all platforms, we see that the above numbers represent only 41% of our actual audience!

Global Spotify Music from Light 1st year

Thus, iTunes / Apple Music represents 50% of the streams and in this platform "Music from Light" reached position 104 in electronic music in Spain in December 2022.

Global Spotify Music from Light 1st year

We know that these metrics may not seem like much, but for us, who started the adventure of Hierospháneia only to share our particular transversal vision merging art with science through sonification and experimental music, they are frankly SPECTACULAR and absolutely unexpected.

These fantastic results of our first album encourage us to continue working on the next project, more ambitious and diverse, which will take us even deeper into the mysteries of the Universe, mind and consciousness…



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