The story behind the cover.

Deciding on an album cover is one of the most important decisions an artist has to make. Probably, finding an image that is balanced in terms of aesthetics and artistic values but also informative, will be one of the last problems to overcome before publishing a work. The cover must transmit emotion and, above all, we think that it must work as an instrument that generates the public’s first intuition about the concept that the artist has tried to capture and transmit in his work.

For us, the cover of “Music from Light” was pretty clear from the beginning. Spectroscopy should be a prominent protagonist, since it is at the very base of the sonification process of the stars that we present to you.

But of course, we had 39 themes and 39 spectra… which one to choose?

In a first phase we thought that perhaps the most singular spectra should appear on the cover. In this sense, we consider that the spectra of the Earth or the solar corona during a total solar eclipse would be firm candidates.

Earth's spectrum
Earth’s spectrum
Spectrum of the solar corona, total solar eclipse, 21-08-2017

But these spectra, scientifically very interesting, did not work well aesthetically.

So, setting aside these early images, we thought maybe the spectra of the Moon, with Selene in the background, would work well as a cover.

However, a problem with working astronomical images is that they do not have a very high resolution, which limits them greatly on an aesthetic level, although the important thing in them is always the data.

We really liked the image of the spectrum of the Moon displayed over its surface, it is very illustrative of our entire process, but since the actual work photography did not allow efficient aesthetic editing, we finally decided to emulate that result.

For this we use a beautiful photograph of the Moon obtained by Rafael Balaguer at the Observatori Can Roig MPC C99, and on it we add the characteristic luminous gradient of the absorption bands of the spectrum.

We already had cover! The Moon has always been a huge catalyst for emotions and has also generated a spectacular musical theme for you, “Voices of the Moon”. This is one of the most special songs of “Music from Light”. For its sound, magic, the emotions it awakens, and for its original and unique composition using five spectra, different according to the composition and reflection of the light of each lunar region analysed.


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